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Ivo Sedlacek & Pavel Sedlacek

Here you can listen to some of Ivo & Pavel’s music transformed in the form of artistic videos, often surrounded by breathtaking sceneries of many beautiful places around the world they together visited. All the videos were made by Pavel who is also exceptionally talented
professional video maker.

The first video “Inner Light” was made at the occasion of Pavel’s 18th birthday.
You can find many other videos at the YouTube channel “Mystical Duet”



Lost World

Mysterious musical journey through Nicaragua, Guatemala and Costa Rica. 

Iceland Phantasy

Beauty of Iceland reflected by spherical violin and handpan.

Into The Dream

Dream journey with three amazing musical instruments: grand concert monochord, handpan and meditation flute.

Endless Seashores of Australia

Music inspired by beautiful southern seashores of Western Australia. Recorded during Ivo & Pavel’s concert tour Australia 2022.

Song of Namibia

Flute and handpan inside remote deserts and Himba people of Namibia. Recorded in October 2020

Nocturne in C# Minor

Ivo and Pavel in the studio: handpan and spherical violin 

We live in a Dream

Ethereal duet of meditation flute and sansula  played by Ivo Sedlacek surrounded by forests and rivers near his home.

Iceland - tribute to Philip Glass

Ivo and Pavel visited Iceland for the third time in 2020 and created flowing meditative music as a tribute to their favourite composer.

Nanga Parbat

In June 2022 Ivo and Pavel climbed above the Nanga Parbat base camp – with their musical instruments. And this is what came out…

Spirit of Ecuador

Mystical music video made during an adventurous journey into Amazonas in November 2020.

Song of Transylvania

Ivo and Pavel playing in Autumn Transylvania (Romania).

Autumn Leaves

Pavel’s musical touches inside a dreamy autumn forest with a small sparkling river and waterfalls (Josefuv Dul in Northern Bohemia)

Mystical Emptiness

Recorded in the depths of outbacks of South Australia during Ivo & Pavel’s Australia concert tour 2022.

Hans Zimmer - Time

Pavel’s unique handpan arrangement of famous Hans Zimmer’s composition.

Forest Dreams

A small music meditation played around Ivo and Pavel’s home in Northern Bohemia.

Now after 10 days listening your music I can tell you that it’s a real mystical moment. Pantheon and Silentium are precious moments taking me far in deep meditation.Thanks Ivo and thank you too Pavel, for such a musical grace. Soundtracks and compositions are fantastic and it’s so nice to know that son and father are playing…

Philippe Djoharikian, France, 2019