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Ivo Sedlacek & Pavel Sedlacek


Ivo Sedlacek is a world renowned musician and for many years his music has been widely considered to be some of the most inspiring and influential in its genre.

 a long time ago, Ivo and his son Pavel started playing together. From classical guitar, Pavel gradually mastered many other musical instruments till he found his true musical gift – handpan.

His connection with Ivo’ s spherical violins, flutes and special string instruments became more and more engaging and ethereal over the time and many listeners shared view that it was something so deep and inspiring they never heard before.

Ivo and Pavel started playing concerts at home (Czech Republic) and in the course of time they were invited to perform at many other places in the world (USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Australia …)

Ivo Sedlacek

Ivo is a graduate of the Musical Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague where he studied classical violin. He then spent some years in India studying Indian classical music with some of India’s most famous musicians. Apart from classical music Ivo was always drawn to yet more subtle music dimensions and gradually developed his own unique and original style where each tone is deeply present and touching the heart and soul of every listener.

He performed concerts and conducted workshops throughout the world and created over twenty albums with his original music.

Pavel Sedlacek

Pavel started studying classical guitar at the age of seven and after few years won the national classical guitar competition. His innate musical talent inspired him to explore other musical instruments (drums and percussions, string instruments) and this led him to find his own very unique instrument: handpan.

He is now considered to be one of the most remarkable and original handpan players in the world. Pavel performs solo and together with his father Ivo; he also conducts handpan workshops, gives individual lessons and makes presentations about this unique musical instrument.


What I loved and was very moved by was the relationship between you two as a father and son duoThanks for such a divine experience!”

Danni Sandford, after the concert in Apollo Bay (Australia), August 2022