Ivo Sedlacek & Pavel Sedlacek

Ivo Sedlacek – spherical violins, flutes, string instruments

Pavel Sedlacek – handpans, guitar, percussions, tuned glass

Over the years, Ivo and Pavel performed with a great success in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Namibia etc.

Their concerts “Mystical Duet” are acoustic (no amplification needed) and they are ideal for classical music halls and venues, beautiful acoustic spaces (churches, chapels, galleries, theatres), meditation halls etc.

At any of such places the audience may experience something very special: sometimes subtle and ethereal, merging into silence, while other times uplifting, virtuosic and dynamic, every concert presents a unique mosaic of a beautiful flowing music that is being born in every moment.

“Some experience cannot be described by words … this was one of them … never before I shed tears from a pure beauty ..”

Lenka Schuldesova, March 2018

Ivo and Pavel can perform not only regular concerts, but also concerts for special and exclusive occasions, concerts connected in a concert tour at different places in the world etc.

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During the concerts you will be fully immersed in the sound of beautiful musical instruments, some of them unique in the world.

Spherical violins

Ivo’s amazing spherical violins “Orion” and “Sirius” with 33 strings produce a sound that you probably never heard before … violin that sounds like from another universe… These instruments were developed over 15 years and their recent versions were created by one of the greatest violin maker in Central Europe.

“I had the chance to hear this violin live, in Csesznek Kisboldogasszony temple yesterday 2019.July.06., and I must say, it’s sound is divine, and makes your eyes filled with tears when you fly with the sound of this instrument ! Never before heard such richness and unique tones ! It makes you feel like being up amongst the angels and flying with them.. So many thanks Ivo, a lifelong experience it was. Peace and respect !”

L Óbelt Le Grand, Hungary 2019


Handpans are beautiful and truly unique musical instruments that combine captivating sounds, melodies and rhythms. Pavel is honoured to exclusively play the best sounding handpans in the world – called Omana handpans.

Ethereal flutes

Ivo has a collection of very beautiful and unique handmade flutes that create very intimate tones and melodies over various parts of the sound spectrum

String instruments

From monumental string instruments with over 150 strings (like Ivo’s grand concert monochord) to a large array of other inspiring and beautifully sounding string instruments that create flowing captivating melodies and harmonies.

Workshops and seminars

Ivo and Pavel also conduct workshops and seminars on transforming power of music and similar topics. Pavel can also make a beautiful educative presentation about the very special and unique musical instrument, the handpan – for music education institutions or general public.
You can find more details in this article