Ivo Sedlacek & Pavel Sedlacek
music that touches the soul

“You transported me into a different state of being and it was very precious.”

Siegfried Gutbrod, after a concert in Melbourne, August 2022


Ivo Sedlacek and Pavel Sedlacek: father and son with an amazing musical connection that mesmerises audiences around the world. Their music crosses borders of musical genres and brings a deep unique experience to every listener.


Enjoy a unique acoustic instrumental music in its most delicate, intimate and heart touching purity: each tone being played and created spontaneously here, now and for you… encouraging you to flow with it as far as you wish …


Welcome to the unique concerts by Ivo & Pavel: absorbing musical journeys that gently unfold over time – bringing you into the most intimate dimensions of sound and your own consciousness.


“Beautiful ! I am so happy to got to see you perform in Los Angeles. I love the CD and listen to it every day”

Krista Benson

“Ivo Sedlacek and Pavel Sedlacek – thank you for the extra special event, for your music and for the journey to the inner and outer spheres. It was awesome !!”

L Óbelt Le Grand

Interstellar experience. Few tones of violin and handpan and the consciousness transcends over the normal dimension. Thank you, Ivo and Pavel. Looking forward to the next time.

Tereza Kostkova


Ivo’s and Ivo & Pavel music is recorded and presented on many albums 
that you can listen to again and again.