Ivo Sedlacek & Pavel Sedlacek

Audience feedback from recent concerts

Now after 10 days listening your music I can tell you that it’s a real mystical moment. Panthéon and Silentium are precious moments taking me far in deep meditation .Thanks Ivo and thank you too Pavel, for such a musical grace. Soundtracks and compositions are fantastic and it’s so nice to know that son and father are playing…

Philippe Djoharikian, France

“The sound of Ivo’s violin is indescribable and it immediately brings us to the spheres without any limitations. Incredibly deep experience. It was also beautiful to watch the flowing subtle musical communication between father and son”

Jiri Cernota, Hukvaldy 2018​

“Two master musicians, one transforming journey into the essence of sound itself”

Pandit Tejomaya, Vancouver 2019

“Beautiful ! I am so happy to got to see you perform in Los Angeles. I love the CD and listen to it every day”

Krista Benson, Los Angeles 2019

” Truly unique music that brought me in the world of peace, phantasy … a hope … I love poets … poets of music … they help us to search and discover … they reveal the edge of mystery … Thank you so much, Ivo and Pavel … “

Jitka Molavcova, Ostrava 2020

“Ivo Sedlacek and Pavel Sedlacek – thank you for the extra special event, for your music and for the journey to the inner and outer spheres. It was awesome !!”​

L Óbelt Le Grand, Hungary 2019

“Their show in LA was top notch ! Both of them are extremely talented and humble and I enjoyed meeting them immensely. It is a sure treat for anyone who can make it !”

Stevan Morris, Los Angeles 2019

We are still so impressed by last night’s concert. Your music showed us that there are still some new undiscovered dimensions of sound which are so beautiful and not only evoke emotions but mainly touch the soul and spirit.

Dorota Woźny, Poland 2018

“Some experience cannot be described by words … this was one of them … never before I shed tears from a pure beauty ..”

Lenka Schuldesova, Bilina 2017

“I had the chance to hear this violin live, in Csesznek Kisboldogasszony temple yesterday 2019.July.06., and I must say, it’s sound is divine, and makes your eyes filled with tears when you fly with the sound of this instrument ! Never before heard such richness and unique tones ! It makes you feel like being up amongst the angels and flying with them.. So many thanks Ivo, a lifelong experience it was. Peace and respect !”

L Óbelt Le Grand, Hungary 2019

Interstellar experience. Few tones of violin and handpan and the consciousness transcends over the normal dimension. Thank you, Ivo and Pavel. Looking forward to the next time.

Tereza Kostkova, Ostrava 2020

“The music was so beautiful … I was so happy to see you again after few years”

Jini Chen, Taipei 2019

“My wife was so deeply impressed by your concert, she was shedding tears during half of it … We are still so deeply touched by it”

Anton Reva, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2019

“I weep with joy for this musical blessing. Every note proclaims that there is still love in this world. Thank you for the bliss of this music that you make together.”

Richard Saggio, Phoenix, Arizona 2019

“Your performance and presentation at our Faculty was so amazing! Thank you very much!”

Fanie Dorfling, Faculty of Performing Arts, Windhoek, Namibia. 2020

Hello Ivo and Pavel,

My husband and I attended your lovely concert at Apollo Bay recently. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and have discussed in it in length since. 

What i loved and was very moved by was the relationship between you two as a father and son duo: i was imagining the hours, the trials and tribulations you would have been through to get to where you are now in your musical playing together. To me you seemed to bounce off each other, so in synch and connected through not only the familiarity of the instruments, the music and being related, but also through the creating of something so special and unique together. It warmed my heart and made me think of times with my own father, even though we never played musical instruments in my family of origin.

My husband was really impressed by the violin as it is not an instrument he is used to listening to. He loved the really soft slight high notes.

And special mention to how well you both play all of the instruments. Very talented. The handpan and the violin and the flute!!

Thanks for such a divine experience!

Danni Sandford, Apollo Bay (Australia), August 2022

Dear Ivo and Pavel

I had the privilege to attend your recent concert in Melbourne on August 20 and would like to give you feedback to the experience:

Your music allowed me to enter into an elevated space of being in the Now, the present moment. I found myself in an expanded state of consciousness compared to ordinary consciousness. I couldn’t help my arms being moved in an expanding way while listening to your music. I experienced a depth of inner peace and stillness like I experienced rarely before. Somehow you ‘transported me’ into a different state of being and it was very precious. The concert was a precious gift for me which I thoroughly enjoyed. From the depth of my heart – a deep ‘thank you’ for what you shared. Very high standard!!

Hope you will be coming back to Melbourne at some stage.

Thank you again and best wishes

Siegfried Gutbrod, Melbourne, August 2022

Hello Ivo and Pavel,

The music you played tonight in Adelaide was a deep journey for me. 

After the initial period of watching you both play I closed my eyes and traveled with the music. 

I have a deep connection with this land of Australia especially the ‘outback’ red country. I was honoured with travelling and working in this land for 13years from 1997 to 2010. I’ve had the privilege to visit and live in some of the most beautiful, rich and alive spiritual places, more than most people could ever dream to visit. 

Tonight I felt my feet on the sand at the beach below where I live, I felt the chilly water in my feet, then saw myself dancing, my dress flowed around me as I held my silky scarf as it I had wings, I swirled and danced. Then my feet found the red earth, I had a sense of your videos from the air, could see you playing your instruments while I stood in various places of red soil. I felt myself dance again. The more I dropped into the music the more the journey unfolded. I felt my eyes well up and tears rolling down my right cheek. 

I would have liked to have curled up and drifted off into a deep sleep when you concluded 

Thank you for such a beautiful journey. 

Thank you for sharing you story and music tonight. I shall enjoy more of your music from the CD’s. 

Bea Myers, Adelaide (Australia), August 2022

One of the most incredible feedbacks found on the violin after the concert in Italy:

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